Roman Borek Auditorium Video

Saturday, February 28, was a special day for all of us on the former AC Pasadena campus.  This production is of the memorable and moving Auditorium presentation given by Roman Borek (Auditorium House Manager from 1974 to 1989) before our Student Center lunch and visit to the rest of the campus.  It also includes footage around The Egrets before and after, as well as everyone gathering for the group picture on the steps of the Hall of Administration.  This video was shot by Bill Hughes, who, along with Joe Bauer, hatched the idea in 2011 for these Pasadena Reunions.  Bill has quickly completed this time-consuming and tedious editing work, including audio enhancement, and he added a slowly magnifying aerial view of the campus at the beginning of the video.  At 78 minutes in length, I'm sure those of you who missed it live will enjoy it immensely, and those of us who were there will appreciate the encore experience.  Enjoy, and relive the moment...............bobg

Click on this link: Auditorium Presentation