Reunions were Non-religious

[Note: Even though the text below was written prior to the 2015 AC Pasadena Reunion which was held in Pasadena, the words were equally applicable to the 2017 All-Campus Reunion in Las Vegas.]  

Some have asked if the upcoming reunion will have religious overtones.  The answer is "no."  This is a reunion of friends.  At the mini-reunion in Las Vegas in 2013 we had a mix of those still a part of some Church of God group, mainstream Christians, agnostics, and non-religious.  We all had a wonderful time and religion was not at all an issue of contention.  Even the current reunion committee is made up of a mix of religious and non-religious.  We ask that no one use the reunion or our website as a forum for their doctrines and beliefs (or lack of them).  Just come and have a good time.



Certainly any topic, including religion, can be freely discussed in private conversations as we all catch up with friends we have not seen for years, or even decades.  But please consider the following suggestion........

Rule of Thumb: Unless you are confident that the person with whom you are speaking shares your opinion, you should assume that they do not, and approach the topic accordingly.  Yes, indeed, any subject can be discussed, but just do not take for granted that everyone shares your perspective. 

Thank you..............The Reunion Committee


Note: For those of you interested in worship services on Saturday or Sunday of the [2015 Pasadena] Reunion weekend, please see the "Local Church Info" tab which is a drop-down within the "2015 AC Reunion in Pasadena" tab on the left side of the HomePage.  It contains contact info, addresses, and service times [as of February, 2015] for many of the local WCG-related churches (i.e. GCI and many of the COG's), as well as a few other Pasadena-area churches.

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