Maranatha High School

Some background on the school which now owns the Student Center, Gym, and Grove Terrace:

In 2004, Maranatha High School purchased 13.8 acres of the southeast portion of the main AC campus, including the Student Center, Track/Parking Structure, Gymnasium, and Grove Terrace.  The latter has been transformed from a men's dorm into their Academic Center, housing thirty classrooms, a number of labs, and academic offices.  Maranatha held its first classes on the former AC campus at the start of the 2005-2006 school year. 

Maranatha will be preparing a very nice lunch for us in the Student Center on Saturday, February 28, as well as allowing us to take a peak into the Gym and Grove Terrace.  In addition, Maranatha is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year -- the high school was founded in 1965, the same year ground was broken for the Student Center!

Below, I have included two links which should be of interest to you:

1) Maranatha's website:  (be sure to take their "Campus Tour"; from their homepage, click on "About", then hover over "Campus & Facilities" which will allow you to then click on "Campus Tour")

2) An article, entitled "Maranatha's 50-Year Journey", which appeared last week in a local Pasadena newspaper, The Pasadena Outlook:

On February 28, if you can join us, you will really enjoy lunch, touring the campus, and hearing some of Maranatha's plans for their next 50 years.

...............bob gerringer

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