2015 Reunion Handouts

Below are three of the items included in the Registration/Welcome Packet which everyone received when they arrived at the 2015 Reunion, and the fourth is a list which was not distributed -- 1) Welcome Letter, 2) Attendee List (updated following the Reunion to include all who were actually in attendance), 3) Reunion Volunteers, and 4) In Fond Memory list which was on display in the Hospitality Room. 


Welcome Letter

Ambassador College Pasadena Reunion
"Celebrate our unique experiences and friendships as AC students"
The First 30 Years: 1947 to 1977
 February 27 – March 2, 2015
Pasadena, California

To All Reunion Attendees:

The Reunion Committee is very, very pleased to welcome you to the 2015 Ambassador College Reunion – back to Pasadena!  This is where Ambassador College grew and operated for forty-three years, and where most of us grew from teenagers to young men and women, beginning our journey into adulthood.  We also welcome those of you who were never AC Pasadena students – we want you to share in our celebration.

In 1947, Pasadena became home to a brand new college, and this fledgling institution started to reverse the fortunes of a neglected part of town, a place which had seen much better days.  As well as becoming a gem on the Pasadena landscape, and remaining very much so today, the development of the 40 acre campus was a catalyst for the rejuvenation of everything from the Vista Del Arroyo Hotel (now the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals) to Old Pasadena (aka “Old Town”) and beyond – a reinvigoration which helped return the shine, beauty, and culture to a very historically significant locale in Southern California.

Now, we ask those of you who were AC students to put yourselves back into the shoes of that young woman or man who walked (effortlessly!) onto campus from high school or a few years of “previous college.”  Recall the excitement, wonder, and boundless energy you exuded as you began your college life in such spectacular surroundings.

For us students, AC was an oasis, a place of refuge from a seemingly endlessly turbulent and dangerous world – a place of order and predictability where, in addition to our studies and social life, we shared common purpose and passion.  And that, perhaps, made “our unique experiences and friendships as AC students” all the more impactful and unforgettable, and made the impression left on us deeper.

So, please, return to those “thrilling days of yesteryear,” share with each other the experiences from your AC college days, and “Celebrate” the bonds forged with your classmates so very long ago.  And in the process, we can also catch up on the ensuing four, five, or six decades of life which have passed since some of us last saw each other.

We have a lot in store for you the next four days, and we hope you have as much fun experiencing this special weekend as we have had reconnecting with all of you while preparing for it.  Our website, www.acpasadenareunion.com, having been endowed for ten years, will remain an AC classmate gathering spot for at least that long.  And that online gathering spot is adding participants at a very good clip – the current total is 658, 22% of the living students from AC’s first thirty years.  In addition, more than 400 have registered to attend this Reunion.

If you have any questions or concerns while at the Reunion, please contact one of us, day or night, at one of the phone numbers we have included in this packet of material.

Have fun, and we hope to speak with as many of you as possible.

Thank you for being here………..Bob Gerringer, and the Reunion Committee

Reunion Committee members and year each began attending AC:

Robin Connelly (1965)                              Kathy Mathews (Zimmermann) (1973)
Cledice Decker (1959)                              Eileen McKinley (1960)
Jean Ehlert (Updegraff) (1964)                  Carol Stephenson Taylor (1966)
Bob Gerringer (1967)                               Margaret Dill (Zola) (1970)


Attendee List

List of 2015 Reunion Attendees


In Fond Memory

In Memory List



List of 2015 Reunion Volunteers


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