2015 Pasadena Reunion Photos

Reunion Photo-sharing

Our official Reunion photographer, Judd Kirk, has helped me set up the photo-sharing website SmugMug.com.  Below are instructions for management of our Reunion photos.  Upload and download, for no charge, as many photos as you would like............bobg


Viewing photos on SmugMug:

  1. Click on this link: AC Pasadena Reunion Pictures.
  2. Click on either the “Attendeees’ Photos” gallery or the “Judd Kirk’s Photos” gallery.


Uploading Reunion photos to the “Attendees’ Photos” gallery on SmugMug:

  1. Click this link: Upload AC Pasadena Reunion Pictures.
  2. Click “CLICK To BROWSE.”
  3. Select the photo(s) on your PC that you want to upload to the gallery titled “Attendees’ Photos."
  4. After upload is complete, click “View Completed Files”, then click “DONE."


Downloading Reunion photos from either the “Judd Kirk’s Photos” gallery or the “Attendeees’ Photos” gallery on SmugMug:

  1. Follow the two steps in "Viewing photos on SmugMug" instructions above.
  2. Then right click on photo to be downloaded to your PC.
  3. Select “Save Image As,” then select the destination location on your PC.
  4. Note: “BUY” in green box is neither required nor necessary, but it is an option provided by SmugMug.

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