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Jim Cosenza - Year Entered 1968

Jim Cosenza

Dennis Johnson (1968)

Condolences to the family of Jim Cosenza

It was reported that classmate and friend Jim Cosenza has succumbed to his battle with the same brain cancer that John Mc Cain suffers from.

When working in Connecticut, we spent many Saturday nights with Jim and Chris Cosenza.  We would usually play the Italian card game of cheating.  Jim was a married student classmate of mine.  His favorite story that I remember had to do with his employment as a student.  As a married student, he was evidently given the elite job in the gardening department of watering plants in executive offices in the Hall of Administration.  He told of watering plants for months before he discovered that they were artificial.  My recollection is that Jim later worker in the Italian department.

Condolences to Chris, and children David and Julie.