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Guy Ames


Guy Ames (May 8, 1935 - Nov 17, 2023) -- 88 years
(this is written by his son Roy)
My dad was born in Vermont and was one of twelve children. He went to Ambassador College in 1959. In his Junior year, he was asked to go to the Philippines to assist Gerald Waterhouse in setting up the WCG church office. That year he went to the FOT in Australia and he met my mother, who was working in the Australian church office. They wrote to each other. The following year, he went back to see her and they were married just after the Last Great Day. They returned to Pasadena as a married couple and he graduated in 1966. They were very happily married for 59 years.
In the 1970's we lived in Australia, then Singapore and Pasadena. He pastored churches in Australia, led baptizing tours in S.E. Asia, including Burma, and also pastored in the Auditorium AM church. We went back to the Philippines where he was the Regional Director from 1981-1987. He truly loved the Philippine church, the ministers and their families and the office staff in Manila. Our time there was one of the great highlights of his life. When we returned to the States, we moved to Florida, where he pastored the Lakeland church. He retired in the late 90's. He had a clear mind and was active until the end.
A few weeks ago, he had a heart attack and two stents were placed. I thought he would be fine. But an infection developed, and then he was suddenly in palliative care. In his last few days, he was asleep and not in pain. The doctors said he could still hear us and we were able to tell him how much he meant to us.
My dad is survived by his brother Luke, sister Jonquil, wife Helen, children Roy and Karolyn, daugher-in-law Erine, and finally by his grand-daughter Gweneth Grace (GG). I remember how happy he was ten years ago, when she was little and he proudly shared with her that he was also GG: Grandpa Guy.

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