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Cynthia Baker (Krieger) - Year Entered 1957

Cynthia Baker (Krieger)

Helen Hohertz Nelson

I just received word  that Cynthia (Baker) Krieger died on September 15 in Livingston, Texas.  Cynthia was a Pasadena AC student in the 1950's and her husband, Warren Krieger, worked for many years as a painter in the AC Buildings and Grounds department. Warren was a deacon and Cynthia, a deaconess in WCG.  Cynthia often helped arrange flowers for church services, as well as created the bouquets for AC women graduates, and worked as an usher for concerts in the Ambassador Auditorium. She was a talented seamstress who sewed clothing, including wedding dresses, for various clients, as well as costumes for the Young Ambassadors. 

Cynthia and Warren moved from Pasadena to Livingston in 1995 to be near family, including Cynthia's sister, Ruth Goertz, who notified me today about her sister's death.  Warren  passed away some years ago. Cynthia and Warren had two children, Warren David and Deborah.  Warren David lives in Arizona with his wife, Leisa, and Deborah, has been living with her mother in Livingston since the death of her father. Deborah has a son, Joseph, who lives in Florida. 

Cynthia had COPD for many years which caused her considerable breathing difficulties and she often had to rely on extra oxygen from a tank in order to breathe.  

I first met Cynthia and her sister, Ruth, at the Big Sandy Feast of Tabernacles in the early 1950's.  After I graduated from AC. Cynthia and I developed a friendship, and spent many days sewing together in her home, creating those Young Ambassador costumes.  We also worked together in the alteration department of a bridal salon in Old Town Pasadena. Shall greatly miss my long time friend who was like a big sister, similar in age as my "real" sister who died the year Cynthia and Warren moved from Pasadena to Livingston,Texas.



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