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Rita Bird (Sampson) - Year Entered 1962

Rita Bird (Sampson)

From the pastor of Rita's church dated April 27, 2020:


Thank you all for praying for Rita Sampson as her health deteriorated. Jim called to let me know that she died early this afternoon. Rita had a series of strokes that gradually disabled her.

She had been a faithful servant and gave long hours of service in receiving and recording tithes and donations, upkeeping the member files and also in transcribing sermons for the website. Rita was a deaconess and had been a baptized member for 57 years.

Cards may be sent to:

Jim Sampson

1850 E. Villa St.

Pasadena CA 91107



Here is a belated notice about Rita Sampson's funeral.

It was held on Friday, May 1,2020 at Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena, CA. at 11:00 AM.  

Only a few people were allowed to attend but there were 64 people watching on Zoom.

Mr. Brian Orchard officiated and several family members spoke and read messages.

A video was prepared but couldn't be shown so you can see it at the link below:


Here is the link: Rita Sampson Eulogy



Rita Sampson Eulogy

Rita Sampson's eulogy video, created as part of her funeral on May 1, 2020. Contains photos of her life with nar...


A picture of Jim and his son and daughter at the grave site courtesy of Gillian Orchard. 




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05/02/20 07:25 AM #1    

Susie Beach (Roberts) (1975)

So sorry to hear of Rita's passing. She was such a sweetheart. I really enjoyed knowing her and look forward to seeing her again in the resurrection.

05/04/20 08:00 PM #2    

Sharie Stromli (Meyer) (1962)

          Rita and I entered AC the same year and the following year we began to work together in the Library. Rita was very intelligent with a high (measured) IQ.  We spent many hours working together in the library office as we cataloged. One of my strongest memories is of her sitting at her work area by the window overlooking the Lower Gardens as she deciphered the instructions in the cataloging books.  She, then, would share the instructions she pulled together to the rest of us and update our cataloging abilities.  In other words, she read and studied so that we wouldn’t have to.

            A personal memory: She took my car. Well, sort of.  Post-graduation I had a car which enabled my roommate and me plus another group of church employees to live about 3 miles from campus. It was my responsibility to drive everyone to and from their off-campus work sites plus the campus. Then, I broke my foot which required a clumsy cast and made it dangerous, if not impossible, for me to drive.  Rita immediately said she would take over, taking my car, and showing up each morning to collect all of us. Very kind of her. I won’t consider that she probably was having a smashing good time herself with transportation. [  ;>} ] Anyway, another strong visual memory of Rita driving was the morning I happened to be in a position to see her coming to get all of us and watched her fly over the railroad tracks with absolutely no hint of braking.

            Time moved on and our group in the library began to go in different directions.  I left for the Fine Arts Library and slowly the personal connection with Rita began to stretch. Over the years since, she and I have had sporadic connections. It is with sadness that I realize that connection is now broken in this life.  Rita was special and I am sorry to hear of the health problems she endured at her end.

            Sympathy to Jim and family at this time. Good memories are so important right now. Good-bye, Rita, it was good knowing you.

Sharie Stromli Meyer

05/17/20 10:30 PM #3    

Jeannette Estep (Haskins) (1964)

Rita Bird Sampson.

Rita and I emailed some in the last couple of years. We were talking about what was going on in this world. That these are intense times and we may be living in the end time prophecy..

These were her last words to me in Feb 2020.

And Jeannette, you’re probably also thinking, no one knows the day or the hour, as well as, we’re not to think that our Lord delays His coming.  So, I may not personally, physically, live until the actual time, I don’t know, but I do know that I’ve got to do my best in the meantime to do my level best.  And I know it’s getting very close.

Most of her messages were sprinkled with encouragement. She could be labeled, an ENCOURAGER.

There was only one time since I left Pasadena for Portland, in 1967, that I had seen her. That was at a Feast of Tabernacles in Eugene, Oregon. Both families happen to be using the same campgrounds while  our children were young.(It was around 1981) (Teddy died Dec 1980)

In our writings, once she recollected how sad she felt for me, at that Feast, while I was still grieving the death of my 4 year old  Teddy.

Her quote: I remember that one Feast where you were missing Teddy so much, and whenever you saw our young son Glenn, you just had to hug him.  It was really sad." 

I am healed of the pain of his death. The greatest pain comes is when someone tries to crush my hope and anticipation of continuing where I left off at the age that he died. She was a great encourager. Recently she supported that hope. (I won't bother copying that statement.)

Now I have great HOPE and ANTICIPATION, that I will meet and HUG Rita again!! I anticipate her next waking moment will be when she is resurrected from her grave, rising in the air to meet Christ.

No more pain or death for her. No more wheelchair, eye glasses,senior moments,or other aging maladies! She will be more than just 100% healed with a new body. She will be supernatural, she will have characteristics of a God being. He can't be tempted to sin, He can greatly multi-task and be everywhere...omnipresent, come and go in the universe. Faster than the speed of light.

All of us die as imperfect beings. It is all in having the RIGHT ATTITUDE, and living God's guidelines.. And Rita had the right attitude of love and respect, and expressing the fruits of God's Spirit.(love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) ..

Now, she is in deep sleep, no more suffering emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually.

Jeannette Estep (Haskins) (1964)

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