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Lachlen French - Year Entered 1972

Lachlen French

Died January 2, 2022

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01/07/22 10:54 AM #1    

Barbara Patton (Unger) (1971)

Lachlen Paul French 

I never knew Lach while we were in college.  Of course, I knew of him as his family name was known because of his older brother Chris, an earlier AC graduate, and his mom Florence who taught at Imperial.  Lach graduated in 1976 but I never got to know him until several years later.  In 1977, two years after my own graduation, there were a few of us ex-WCG folks who met together to hang out and figure out what we believed.  In a sense we laid many of our previous beliefs on a table, and took the time to discuss, dismantle and reconstruct our belief systems and add in what was more relevant to our lives at that time. It was the beginning of a different spiritual journey, one that took each of us on our own path.   

It was during these years 1977/78 that Lach went on the television game show Jeopardy and won at least one game. I know this because he shared some of his cash.   He had a great mind that loved to study, retain facts, and share his new understanding and insights that went way beyond orthodoxy. 

It was four or five years later that he and his wife Peggy moved away from Southern California, and I had minimal contact with them, and maybe only saw him once or twice during the following 20 years.   

Then about ten years ago we met up again on Facebook and learned that we were both writing books about our life and spiritual experiences.  I described myself as following Christian author Catherine Marshall’s mantra of “Spiritual Research Unlimited.”  He branched out even further.  Lach and I would read each other’s manuscripts and write reviews for each other. Here is one blurb I wrote for him: 

“Lachlen Paul French is a scout; an explorer who’s ventured forth into unmapped territory; he sends back to civilization his ‘maps, sketches and insight’.” 

Lach had big dreams and it seems as if his life was cut short before their complete fulfillment, but maybe he accomplished what he set out to do. 

Here are the names of some of his books: 

Darwin’s Fatal Admission 

Splendorous Light Within 

New Translation “Gospel According to Thomas’ 

Christ’s Mystic Secret Returns 

God, Einstein, Existence, Cosmos, Life, Love, You 


There is much more on his website, 

Lachlan was a gift to many, and to me. 


01/19/22 03:56 PM #2    

Muriel Biggs (1974)

I honor the journey of the Lachlen French. A good man. 

08/05/22 12:34 PM #3    

Glenda Rankin (Harris) (1971)

Just wanted to share, for those who knew Lachlen Paul French (1954-2020), here is the last known recording of his voice, as he narrates a promo for his movie trilogy, Mystic Traveler. He is greatly loved and sorely missed.

His books, mentioned by Barbara above, are available on


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