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Jerry Gentry


From D. Patrick O'Neal on the AC Pasadena Reunion website:

Our old classmate(1965-68) Jerry Gentry died recently. He was living  in Kalispell, Mt., died on Oct. 14. He was 76. Couldn't determine how or why, at this time.

A short bio seems appropriate. A lot of folks around here (the Big Sandy area) knew him as the owner (along with his wife Anita) and operator of a very successful mail order business called Annie's Attic (or similar). At it's peak, he employed a lot of people in and around Big Sandy. From what I heard he became quite wealthy from it. Sold it off at some point, to a group from the Midwest and it was managed for some years by John Robinson (who some of you will also know).

But when I first met him, I don't think he and Anita had much more than two coins to rub together. They were fresh out of North Texas State and a great Music Department, and it was August, 1965 when they showed up at AC. Obviously, very talented as I was soon to hear.. Many of you remember the routine at Pasadena. A month(or so) of classes, and off to Squaw Valley, with stopovers at one of the National Parks on the way up. If the Chorale was along, and it always was, we didn't need anyone to entertain us, we could do that for ourselves (and everyone else!) All we needed was an old guitar (which I think I had by then) or a piano, with someone to play it, and we usually did, and we were in business. I think the group sang something, and then, this new couple came up, Anita at the piano and Jerry standing against of that huge old fireplace, in the lodge we were staying at . He proceeded to sing one of the best renditions of "Danny Boy" I had ever heard, grabbing that high note at the end(a b- flat, I think (help me out, tenors!) with real authority, and full power! It was at that point, I realized what a real talent he was. As I recall we sang in the tenor section for the next three years together. (Even ole Doc Beaver was there in 67) Quite a treat for me! He (Jerry) had other talents, as well (not sure which Dept. he worked in, but did some great camera work for several of the publications, as time went by.) That also proved to be a great asset for him. when he started his own business in Big Sandy. He'd often come over to Tyler, for special music, so I got to hear him often, in those days, as well.

It is with much sadness and much nostalgia that I mark his passing. Hope some of you have good memories of him, as well.



Jerry Jonethan Gentry age 76, passed away on October 14, 2020 at Health Center North West in Kalispell, Montana. Jerry was born on October 20, 1943 to J.C. and Elva Gentry in Nocona, TX. No services are planned at this time. Buffalo Hill Funeral Home is caring for the family.

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Lyndel Wornat added the following information from an employee of the Buffalo Hill Funeral Home:

He was born Oct. 20, 1943 and died Oct. 14, 2020 of natural causes.  He had remarried and a private service was held with his family attending.  Burial was in a nearby cemetery. 


ADDED NOTE (2022) that Jean Ehlert (Updegraff) received from Christopher Sawyer.  He found this IBM commercial from 1979 (per his info).  Look at minutes 7 to 10:30 for a look at the needlecraft and arts mail order business that Jerry Gentry and his wife Anita started and expanded with the use of this IBM computer system.  Photos of Jerry and Anita are included.

the film here:


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