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Shelby Grundy - Year Entered 1972

Shelby Grundy

Shelby died unexpectedly at his home on Sunday, November 1st.
He complained of severe difficulty in breathing and Marietta, his wife, immediately called the paramedics.  They couldn't revive him there at home, so they rushed him to a nearby hospital for further efforts to revive him but they all failed.
Regarding Shelby Grundy’s memorial service -  it will be at the Maranatha High School Student Center (formerly Ambassador College Student Center)  169 South St. John Ave. Pasadena, CA, Sunday, November 15 at 3:30 p.m.
Obituary as printed in the brochure handed out at the service:
Shelby Grundy was born on June 15, 1948 in San Francisco, CA.  He was the third child born to Shelby and Amy Ruth (Carr) Grundy.  Shelby accepted Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior in May 1968.  He then became a member of the Worldwide Church of God (currently Grace Communion International).  Upon graduating from Menlo-Atherton High he proceeded to study at Stanford University and work at the the U.S. Geological Survey.
Shelby began many relationships at Ambassador College in Pasadena, California where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology in May 1978.  He began his work in television production at Ambassador College as a Video Engineer, and remained there for 26 years.  Shelby's love for people increased over the years.  He began teaching K-12 ed. across subjects and school districts for an additional 15 years.  Shelby's hobbies include singing, laughing, story telling, going to church, watching television programs (especially romantic comedies), and spending time with his family.
Everyone that knows Shelby has seen his "zest for life".  He is always jovial and upbeat; this joy flowed out to all those he met.  Shelby's ability to maintain his humor and joy even in the midst of pain and under great trials is evident.  Shelby loves to talk, and no one is a stranger to him.  His stories often center on the goodness of Jesus, and he was able to witness to many, many people about Jesus in this way.
Shelby leaves to keep safe his cherished memories:  a devoted wife, Marietta; one daughter, Susan; one son, Matthew and daughter-in-law, Jocelyn; five adoring grandchildren:  Naomi, Elijah, Samantha, Levi and Clara Hope.  Shelby's memory will also be treasured by his sisters, Alice, Rose and Senior; as well as his brother, Mether and many nieces and nephews.  He will truly be missed by the many he touched.  We cannot wait to see him again.

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11/12/15 06:12 PM #1    

Mike Dunn (1974)

Shelby Grundy is who I think of when thinking about a smiling face @ AC; I never saw him w/out his huge smile.  If a face were to be associated w/ AC for purposes of PR, Shelby would be the one to fit the bill.  He was always smiling & always had something positive to say.  My condolences to his family & friends.   

11/13/15 07:36 AM #2    

Ernest Northnagel (1972)

Mike's words.  When I saw the name "Shelby Gundy," that big smile was the first thing that popped into my head.  Such a nice guy.  My condolences, as well, to Marietta and the rest of Shelby's family.

11/13/15 09:35 AM #3    

Stuart Segall (1972)

Ditto to Mike and my dear friend Eric (Ernest).  In my years knowing Shelby, his passion and smiles, that steady enthusisasim for life will always be remembered.  I would have never known if he had a bad day, and that is such a fine quality. 

11/15/15 03:37 AM #4    

Robin Connelly (1965)

Shelby's enthusiasm for life was immediately apparent to the most casual observer.  When he spoke, he spoke with sincerity.  When he sang, he sang with gusto.   When he smiled -- when wasn't he smiling?


11/16/15 12:30 PM #5    

Keith Speaks (1970)

Shelby was such a greatr guy and the comments about his smile are 100% correcto! No one has commented on Shelby's laugh, which kinda reminded me of NBA great Bill Russell's. I also really, really liked his sisters Senior and Alice. Alice's daughter Pearl was in our son David's class at Imperial several years. so we had many occasions to fellowship with Alice and her husband, Don, who I think hailed from Guyana. There was a younger brother but I can't recall his name right now. They came from the San Francisco area and I'm telling you they were a great family! God bless his memory.

11/16/15 05:30 PM #6    

Jeffery Brown (1972)

I am sad to learn of Shelby's passing. God bless those he left behind. I was "exposed" to Shelby's warmth and that everglowing, infectious smile that truly affected all who met him. We shared Ambassador Club my freshman year. I am grateful to have known such a positive and outgoing man. RIP Shelby!

11/19/15 07:08 AM #7    

Pamela Antion (Hart) (1972)

When I saw the post about Shelby, my first reaction was sadness over his death, but when I remembered him as I knew him in college, I couldn't help smiling!  Shelby brought his infectious smile and friendliness to everyone he met.  He was a genuinely nice, unpretentious guy.  From reading what he did beyond his college days, it looks like he lived a very productive life, touching many people and making a difference.  I feel privileged and blessed to have known him.  My sympathy and prayers are with his dear family.

11/19/15 10:08 AM #8    

Tanis Melville (1972)

Shelby's wonderful sister, Alice, was my roommate my freshman year (72) so I was able to see Shelby often.  He cared very much for his sisters and brother and that caring extended to all he knew.  He was, quite simply, one of the nicest, warmest, kindest people I have ever known.  As Pam also said, my first reaction was sadness but then the memories came back and I could see his smile and hear his laugh.  From what is read above, he had a full, loving-filled life.  I will remember him always.  

11/23/15 09:00 AM #9    

Julia Kinstle (Yoder) (1970)

When thinking of Shelby, the primarily memory is of his LOUD, booming laugh! But, he also shared his tears, his frustrations, his times of saddness, his times of poverty, and always his thankfulness. He was exceptionally proud of his wife and children, always talking of them with high regard, telling others of his amazement that he was so blessed to have them as family. 

His wife took her marriage vows seriously -- through good times and bad, for richer, for poorer, through sickness and health, etc.  She is a wonderful example of a Christian woman, wife, mother, grandmother, and aunt, who also learned to take care of herself and improve herself through the years.  



01/17/17 11:12 AM #10    

David Huyink (1970)

My wife and I certainly remember Shelby's smile, laugh, and enthusiasm that others have commented upon. In order to help others remember his name, when he introduced himself, he often said, "I Shall Be in the kingdom." RIP

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