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Derek Hanway - Year Entered 1972

Derek Hanway

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03/28/15 12:11 PM #1    

Steve Frandsen (1975)

All I knew of Derek was that he was a basketball Royal. Given his entry date, we must have been about the same age.  For that I give condolences to his loved ones for leaving at a fairly young age.

03/29/15 09:13 AM #2    

Stuart Segall (1972)

I knew Derek since I was 15.  We went to college together too.  He was a gentle giant. The older I get the more I appreciate the gentle giants like Derek. I used to admire and want to hang with the flash in the pans type, the Executive Action boys...but half way through life I changed my view.  They called Derek "Rocks" in school. That he was, but he was Gentle Rocks.  He was smart .......he excelled in what he put his hand too.  He was not needy of the spotlight  or recognition like some of us.  He married such a sweet lady, Mary.  We lost track of each other after college but I heard he was a good husband and dad, and knowing Rocks, that makes good sense.

03/29/15 10:15 AM #3    

Tanis Melville (1972)

Stuart, your post brought tears to my eyes.  You have described Derek exactly as I remember him.  I knew him well and kept in touch for a while after college.  He was a good friend and from what others have passed along, I know his kind, considerate and unselfish ways continued.  I think he may have been the best of us all, although I suspect he would disagree.

03/30/15 11:28 AM #4    

Keith Speaks (1970)

Tanis and Stu, thanks for the kind and accurate comments about Derek. He and I worked on the J-crew my junior year in the buildings across the freeway from the campus. He was indeed a gentle giant. We were buddies off the basketball court but when we played against each other it was no holds barred, though we didn't play basketball as roughly as they did in "the world". He came to Spanish Club often with Dennis Thomas, mostly cuz we had a keg for our lunch meetings. We saw each other all the time after AC and socialized. One of the reasons Derek was such a swell guy was due to his awesome parents. They were so sweet and encouraging and we also were invited to their lovely and tasteful house as young marrieds. I think they were originally from Nebraska. I was very very sad to know of Derek's passing at such an early age. Cheers, all. 

08/01/15 07:32 PM #5    

Mike Feazell (1969)

Derek was as good a man as they come. Fun, faithful, smart and honest. A great loss.

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