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Robert Haworth

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Susan Blumel-Berg (1974)

Bob died unexpectedly of a massive stroke. 

During AC Big Sandy years in the 70's, Bob worked for the college as their public relations rep.  I remember him (and wife, Sandy) very well from my years there.  He was a bright, kind, engaging man who knew how to serve others with grace.   He was also very tall... just like his brother, Larry.

The obit info below is from the online website created in his name.  The link is included at the end of the post:



Bob Haworth NoticeRobert Allen (“Bob”) Haworth was born on August 14, 1941 in Los Angeles, California, [and died in Florida at the age of 75 on August 20, 2016].


Bob was the third of seven children. His mother, Irene Jeanette Weirich, was originally from Illinois. She married Archie Gordon Haworth, whose family came from Louisiana. Bob had an older sister, Carol, and an older brother, Mark. His younger brothers were Larry, Tom, Tim and Michael. Most of Bob’s siblings live on the West Coast, except for Tom, who lives in Costa Rica.Bob shared with us many sweet and funny memories of his childhood and growing up in a large family. He had a special bond with his sister Carol when they were growing up because they shared many of the same interests, including a love of reading. Bob told us about his brother Mark’s pet chicken and the day that their dad killed the chicken for dinner. Bob and all of his siblings ran away from home in protest. They eventually came back when a neighbor boy threatened to tell their parents where they were hiding.


Bob and Larry shared a special relationship. When they were teenagers, they hitchhiked from California to Canada and survived to tell many tales about their epic trip. Bob enjoyed his twin brothers, Tom and Tim. Both of them came to visit Bob a number of times when he lived in Texas and, later, when he moved to Florida. Bob was quite a bit older when his baby brother, Michael, was born, but he had plenty of stories to tell about Michael as well. One story was about Michael’s love for animals and the red-tailed hawk that lived in the trees near the family’s house. Michael “adopted” the hawk and it became tame enough to fly to his shoulder.

Bob had many sisters in law whom he loved, including Connie, Suzy, Mary, Judy, Rebeca, Pam and Aedan. He also had many nieces and nephews whom he loved and enjoyed visiting, including his sister Carol’s son, James, and his brother Mark’s children, Nanci, Brenda, Mark, Richard, Geoffrey and Michelle. He loved his brother Larry’s children (Ben, Jill, Danny and Ryan) in a special way because they lived next door to his family for a number of years. He was also very fond of his brother Tom’s daughters, Jeanette, Marina and Melody, and his brother Tim’s sons, Brian and Greg. Mark’s daughter, Melinda, and Tim’s son, Kevin, both of whom were special to Bob, went before him to heaven. We believe that Melinda and Kevin were part of the welcoming committee that greeted Bob when he arrived in heaven.

Bob graduated from Canoga Park High School in Southern California. He was very tall (6’7”), but refused to play basketball, probably because everyone expected him to. Instead, he enjoyed performing in the drama program and doing high jump with the track team. Bob graduated from Ambassador College and was able to spend two years at the College’s campus in St. Albans, England. He had a favorite story about the day he took a walk in London and waved at the Queen Mother as she was driven by in her Bentley.

In college, Bob met Sandra Janet Holladay, a lovely young woman from Alabama. They married in 1968 and had their first child, Holly, in January of 1970. They were also blessed with a baby boy, Brent, in February of 1977. When Holly was young, Bob worked for the Ambassador College Cultural Foundation, where he was in charge of public relations. He had an exciting job and got to entertain celebrities who performed at or visited the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena, California. Some of the people that he met in his job included the singers Luciano Pavarotti, Bing Crosby, and Beverly Sills, as well as the silent screen acting legend, Gloria Swanson. He got to spend time with the vintner, Robert Mondavi, at his estate in Northern California. And one of the most interesting people that Bob got to meet, on several occasions, was Ronald Reagan. Bob always remembered the interesting conversations that he had with our former President.

Bob adored his children, Holly and Brent. They spent most of their early years in Texas, where Bob worked in public relations for the University of Texas Health Center and Republic Bank. The family lived on a ranch for a number of years, where Holly had a pony and Brent sang to the cows. Bob and Sandy provided them with a loving childhood and many wonderful memories.

Later in his life, Bob had the chance to work as an art dealer. He enjoyed helping people select beautiful works of art for their homes and their offices. After Bob retired, for a few years he worked part time at Sea World Orlando as an “Ambassador,” where he greeted people as they entered the park. Through this job, he became friends with people from all over the world, including England, Scotland and Egypt. A retired firefighter from England became a special friend and even went to church with Bob in Florida on several occasions.

Bob’s family moved to Florida in 1990. In the late 1990s, Bob met Donny Xue while shopping in a grocery store. Donny is originally from China and was in Florida studying for his MBA. Bob and his family “adopted” Donny and his wife Qian. They became a very important part of the family. Donny and Qian honored Bob’s family in the way they named their children. They named their son Daniel Haworth Xue and their daughters are named Abigail Holly and Holly Sandra. The Xue family now lives near Dallas, Texas, but Donny flew to Orlando as soon as he heard about Bob’s stroke and was with Bob on the day that he died. Bob loved every member of the Xue family, including Donny’s mother, Jenny, and Qian’s mother and father, Ben and Sarah.

Bob enjoyed traveling and was able to visit many places in his life. In college, he took a three month bicycle trip across Europe. He had funny stories to tell about people he met on that trip and the youth hostels he stayed in. Later, Bob spent a month in Hong Kong and had a great time boating through Hong Kong Harbor. In recent years, Bob spent time with his brother Tom and his sister in law Rebeca in Costa Rica. He swam in Tom and Rebecca’s infinity pool and walked on the beach with their dog. He also visited his brothers in California.

Bob delighted in spending time with his daughter, Holly, and his grandchildren, Catherine and Christopher. He also enjoyed his son in law Dave, whom he admired very much. Bob, Dave and Christopher spent many Sunday afternoons together after church. One of their traditions was to take a shopping trip to Costco. Dave would joke that Bob wanted to meet everyone in the store. Bob called Holly several times a week just to see how her day was going and if there was anything she needed help with. When he visited her at her house, he always looked for things he could do for her (like emptying the dishwasher, sweeping the floors and windexing the sliding glass doors). He not only told Holly that he loved her, he showed her his love through his actions. The last summer of his life, he helped care for Catherine and Christopher while Holly worked. Catherine and Christopher had many adventures with their “Papa.” He influenced them in many ways, including by leaving them a strong spiritual legacy. Several years ago, when he was asked what legacy he would like to leave to his grandchildren, Bob said that he wanted them to love Jesus first and their families second, to be kind to everyone and to serve others.

When Bob’s son, Brent, was drafted by the Anaheim Angels, Bob was so proud. He had spent many hours at the baseball field practicing with Brent. Bob listened to all of Brent’s minor league games on the internet and also traveled to the West Coast to watch him play in person. Bob was thrilled to meet his future daughter in law, Maria Mullins, a few years ago. He was able to spend a lot of time with her and got to know her very well. He loved Maria like a daughter and believed that she would make a wonderful wife for his son, Brent. Brent and Maria cooked many feasts for Bob at their home, which was just a few miles from where he lived. He attended a birthday dinner in his honor at Brent and Maria’s house the night before his stroke. Bob took great joy in Brent’s dog, Nala, and spent many hours walking her and taking her to the dog park. He even “dog sat” for Nala on weekends when Brent and Maria were out of town. He liked bragging about how smart and pretty Nala is. Bob was looking forward to attending Brent and Maria’s wedding in May of 2017 and helping them when they have children, as he helped with Catherine and Christopher.

Bob’s children and his adopted son, Donny, all graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. In recent years, Bob spent many hours on the Rollins campus, meeting students, eating lunch with them, and attending all kinds of sporting events (including basketball, soccer, lacrosse and swim meets). He so enjoyed meeting the students, making them feel welcome in the community, and offering a listening ear if they needed it. Bob often rode his bicycle to campus and through Winter Park and surrounding towns. He became well known as “Bicycle Bob” and people were amazed that someone his age could ride up to 30 miles a day! He was so active and healthy.

Bob displayed great love for others and spent countless hours serving, ministering and witnessing to people in the Central Florida community. It is hard to imagine someone more willing to pour himself out as a servant to others. Recently, he spent every Monday night in a prayer group with his friends Roger, Calvin and Satesh, where they prayed for each other, the community and our country. He spent Tuesday nights at Celebrate Freedom meetings with his friend Wes, where they ministered to people coming out of drug and alcohol addiction. On Friday mornings, he drove to The Recovery House, where, with his friend Wes, he co-lead a Bible study for the men who live at the House and who need encouragement to live for Jesus. In reading Bob’s prayer journals, his family saw how he prayed for these men on a daily basis and was always thinking about what he could teach them from the Bible to help them in their journeys.

While we will miss Bob so much on this earth, as believers in Christ we know that we will join him one day in heaven. We long to hear the words that we believe our Lord Jesus spoke to Bob when he arrived in heaven: “Well done good and faithful servant.”


Instead of flowers, Bob would have appreciated a donation made in his memory to The Recovery House, where he volunteered his time. Donations can be made on the website

A memorial service for Bob will be held on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at 10:00 am at Aloma Church, 1815 FL-436, Winter Park, FL 32792.

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