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Robert Hoops


We recently had a visit from a friend that had attended the Church in Pittsburgh, PA

after Wayne was sent there to start a congregation in June of 1958. This 

visitor also knew Bob (Robert) and Dody (Dorothy) Hoops very well. 

After graduation in 1959 Bob and Dody were sent to Pittsburgh to be an

assistant to Wayne in the ministry. (At last I wasn't required to be a 'second

man' going with Wayne on the visits to members, dragging our kids all over

the country without a decent childhood).

I mentioned to my visitor that I had heard that Dody had died some time ago

and I was informed that Bob passed away last year. I was not surprised as Bob

would have been in his early 90's

Bob and Dody were a great couple with much love and concern for those

who they were called to serve. Dody was very talented in playing the piano

(and in styling my hair)! They had no children therefore they were available

almost on a moments notice when needed. Wayne worked with Bob so well

that he requested that they be sent to Australia where the 'work' was rapidly

growing and more help was needed. The decision for the Hoops to join us

down there was approved by GTA until another minister involved himself

and got the decision reversed.

Bob and Dody loved our son and daughter as if they were their own and when 

we got the orders to go overseas they bought each of the kids a small toy animal 

to cuddle and by which to remember them. The Hoops were a special couple and

were loved by those that really knew them.

Doris and Wayne Cole

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10/15/15 08:47 AM #1    

James Lichtenstein (1959)

When I was a ministerial assistant under Bill McDowell in 1961-62 I lived in Pittsburgh and there were weeks that I spent with Bob and Dorothy Hoops, who were stationed in Akron.  Bob was a local elder then.  In my life experience I don't know if I have ever been with nicer people.  They were dedicated to service in the ministry, never had a bad word and although I was just a green, wet behind the ears kind at the time, over my head in what I had been assigned to do, you'd never know it by the love and respect shown to me by them.

I learned a lot from them both.  Young and hungry (still a growing kid) I always remember with maximum appreciation Mrs. Hoops wonderful tossed salads.  I've never had better, never been able to make any better no matter how hard I tried.  They were "the best," the gold standard for tossed salads.  It has been a blessing throughout my life to have known them both and been in the company of Bob and Dorthy (Doty) Hoops during those formative years.

11/13/15 08:44 AM #2    

Lawrence Evans (1961)

Can anyone confirm if Bob Hoops is dead or alive?  I just received a United News in which I read the obituary for his wife Dorothy (Dody), who died Aug. 9, 2015.  It says she is survived by her husband of over 68 years, Bob.

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