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Ronald Jones - Year Entered 1962

Ronald Jones

John Gudeman (1962)

Just received word from Ron Jones' sister Sylvia that Ron passed away early this morning.  Although we will miss him greatly, we're thankful that he will be spared from further pain and suffering.  Our dear friend Ron had been in the hospital or assisted living for the better part of this past year.  I talked with Ron almost every week for the past year and always he had a very positive optimistic outlook on life and he was deeply thankful to Almighty God for all of the blessings he had received.  We talked for hundreds of hours and prayed and laughed together.  Ron was truly an inspiration in every respect.

Thank you to the Ambassador Alumni for your prayers, support and kind words for Ron during the past year.  All were conveyed to Ron and he was extremely grateful.  Some of you contacted Ron directly which meant so much to him.  Ron entered Ambassador College in 1962, graduated in 1966 and went on to a very productive life which included writing THE FIRESCALDS ROAD TO THE SKY in 2009.  As we conclude and celebrate Ron's life, we can take comfort and joy in the concluding words of THE FIRESCALDS.

        "Where does that road go, Grandpa?"  RC now knew the answer.

        "To a higher rock, that being Jesus Christ, and to the sky," was the resounding answer in his mind.  "To the sky, by God, to the sky to Almighty God our Father."

        The Firescalds road, with Grandma Lottie teaching him to pray through Jesus Christ, with EC and Lucille admonishing him to live right;   with Grandpa Ben teaching him to keep it all practical;  and a host of others giving him encouragement, he found his way to the sky, to a deep relationship with God that only a blessed few find.

        He had come to the door of the Rock, the Stone, the "Wisdom"" of the ages.

May God bless and strengthen all of Ron"s family and friends during the coming days.


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