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Nancy Kiser (Kleier) - Year Entered 1958

Nancy Kiser (Kleier)

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08/11/15 09:06 AM #1    

Janet Forney (Shay) (1966)

Nancy was a marvelously talented pianist in addition to her many other fine qualities. Whatever she played, it was worth hearing. Ragtime was one of her favorites, which can be fiendishly difficult to play. She was really good at sight reading and didn't care to polish up her performance pieces, saying she could play them just about as well the first time as after hours of practice so why bother. I used to sometimes go to hear her play at an open piano ragtime group called the Rose Leaf Club. She would arrive with a bag stuffed with music and then select something to play at the last minute and always performed it well. A truly outstanding woman and great fun to be around! 

08/14/15 11:09 AM #2    

Carol Daniels (Dean) (1965)

Nancy came often to our local congregation (West Valley, which has met in Reseda, Canoga Park, Chatsworth and now Northridge, CA) to play piano accompaniment with Hernan Herrera's ensemble. I was always impressed with her skill and her attitude of service. This was especially so during her final months of her battle with cancer. You could tell she "wasn't feeling well" but she continued to come and to play with precision and so much feeling.

One day we had a special guest speaker, Nathaniel Dunigan of Aid Child, one of the worthy causes our congregation supports. Our pastor asked that we take up a special offering that day, specifically to allow any individuals who were so inclined to give a personal gift in addition to the congregation's donations to the work of Aid Child. He asked Nancy if she could play something during the collection of the offering. The message Nathaniel had just given reminded me of the song "His Eye Is on the Sparrow". I suggested that song and gave her the page number from the Celebration Hymnal. Nancy agreed immediately, and her rendition of the hymn brought tears to my eyes! What a blessing she was!

08/15/15 09:20 AM #3    

Robert Macdonald III (1958)

Nancy Kiser and I entered AC the same year, 1958.  She could sight read any piece of music and play it correctly the first time.  Once I put a music book in front of her that she had never seen.  She played one of the pieces perfectly!   

Nancy married Ed Kleier.  I was sorry to hear that she had succomed to cancer.  Nancy Kiser Kleier was amazing.  I will miss her!


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