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Ernest Martin

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09/06/14 03:41 PM #1    

Jim Perkins (1965)

Dr. Martin's work after leaving AC had a profound effect on my life.  All his years of writing and research are available on the website  All the answers I looked for at Ambassador College are answered in his extensive life works here free of charge and I thank him for the peace of mind he gave to me.  Jim Perkins

11/26/14 04:01 PM #2    

Robin Connelly (1965)

Dr Martin was my advisor for my Master's Thesis (1973).  He provided many helpful suggestions including the addition of an entire section based on writings of Rachel Carson and Thor Hyerdahl -- tracing their observastions on the environement over 25 years between their books.   For Ms Carson they were "The Sea Around Us" and "Silent Spring".  For Mr. Hyerdahl they were "Kon Tiki" and the "Voyage of the Ra".   The earlier works did not even mention a crisis in the environment, while the latter works were part of the entire environmental movement.  It was Dr Martin's insight to use these changes in perception and thus improve my thesis.


07/01/15 08:24 AM #3    

Richard Houghton (Scott) (1969)

I met Ernest at his Pasadena office sometime just after leaving WWCG, but found him a bit pretentious and definitely on the wrong track with his "progressive revelation" ideas about Paul.

This led some previously good friends down the "garden path" toward judgment, like the son of a Canadian wrestler, Tony, a large and rather childlike behemoth who, after coming into contact with Martin's teachings went ballistic declaring (on S. Marengo street, for the whole world to hear): "I'm free! Free! I can f--- any girl I want now!"

One hopes he didn't actually try to live that sort of life, but the "law is over and done with" crowd were certainly an ecclectic group of ragtag disbelievers in everything that makes life genteel, gracious, spiritually refined, polite and honorable. At least that's the feeling I got around those people at that time in the late 1970s.

Ernest's legacy in helping break up WWCG may have been allowed in judgment for HWA's and GTA's hidden and open sins, among others, but in like manner the adversary has been allowed nearly full sway in this world, with results that are anything but peaceable or enduring, thankfully.

I cannot say that I miss Ernest Martin, whose influence was mostly toward encouraging sin and sinful conduct in the name of Christianity (nothing new there, though).

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