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Dennis Neill - Year Entered 1971

Dennis Neill

From Henry Sturcke on 10/2/2017


Dennis died March 5 at his home in Ketchikan, Alaska. He had battled cancer for several years.

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Anyone who would like to post memories of Dennis can do so at a site that Faith maintains at The exact link is

Dennis and I were classmates in Pasadena and colleagues -- he edited the Portfolio, I was managing editor. That meant we spent many hours together.
He had the distinction of having an article published in the Plain Truth while still a student. I don't know how often that happened. The research he did for that led to an invitation to apply for his post-graduation job with the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
In a nice twist of fate, I was transferred back from Belgium to Washington, D.C. in the summer of 1975, where Dennis was living was living with his wife, Chris (Heap). We saw each other at least once a week, often fellowshipping after services until late Saturday evening. But then it was time for my wife and me to move on again after only a year-and-a-half, after which Dennis and I lost touch. But I value the memory of the time we shared. He could be both sardonic and gentle, sometimes at one and the same time. I treasured his down-to-earth approach to life, his intelligence, and his hospitality.

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