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Hector Roybal - Year Entered 1973

Hector Roybal

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04/16/15 09:32 AM #1    

Ronald Robinson (1973)

When I first met Hector our Freshman year, I was amazed at his rapid fire way of taling. While exchanging the usual pleasantries getting to know each other, Hector shared that part of the rapid fire talking was due to his job of selling paring knives to people on the street. He shared part of the sales speel in the rapid fire way he approached people trying to sell them a paring knife. I had trouble listening that fast. :>)

04/18/15 07:47 AM #2    

Gillian Bagg (Katz) (1974)

Hector was the first person I met at AC. I arrived at the LA Airport in 1974 and there he was holding a sign up with my name on it. He later married my roommate. I was shocked to learn of his death. Such a nice guy.

04/19/15 10:12 AM #3    

Dennis Keefe (1973)

It is a pleasure to read the short but very interesting in memoriums by Ron and Gillian for Hector Roybal. How well I remember Hector and how dearly I miss him.

At one time I worked with the advertising at our KBAC Radio (later called KAC), set up by Joe Bauer, and Hector was the guy who sold the advertising to local businesses, like the Salt Shaker, etc. We at KBAC also came up with Dinners-for-Two Certificates that AC callers could win by listening to our student DJs. It was Hector who successfully convinced many local Pasadena restaurants to give away free dinners to our students.

I also remember Hector, if my memory serves me, as working with Shaklee products (and I think a number of other ACers also did so). When Hector graduated, did he go to work for Procter and Gamble? If he did, he was the right man for the right company. P & G was good at what they did, and Hector had the right talents.

When I was in Speech Class, one time I developed a humor speech which was a funny spoof on the evaluations we used to do in Spokesman Clubs. The speech was called Hector, which really didn't have any relation to our Hector, but I seem to remember Hector thinking it was amusing.

It would be nice to see some old photos of Hector from the AC years; it would fantastic if we could again hear his unique voice. . . .

10/03/16 11:00 PM #4    

Mike Dunn (1974)

Hector was in Manor Del Mar 2nd floor south ‘74-’75 & he was always a positive influence on the rest of us. He had the ability to always see the bright side of things. And yes he could talk @ mach speed, never could understand how he could talk so fast. He was a good man & I look forward to seeing him again when Christ returns.   

01/08/24 02:24 AM #5    

Gene Nouhan (Nouhan) (1975)

Many great conversations with Hector. 

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