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Elva Russell (Sedliacik) - Year Entered 1951

Elva Russell (Sedliacik)

Last Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 9:45pm my Mom, Elva Sedliacik, died at age 83 from breast cancer. Thankfully she did not suffer much pain while her health deteriorated. Her spirit is now “asleep” in a better place, awaiting the Resurrection at Christ’s soon return when she will assist in teaching God’s Word to the world. Mom came out to Ambassador College in Pasadena, CA, at age 17 to learn more about God’s ways, and to help Mr. Herbert Armstrong preach the Gospel to all nations. She committed her life to God and was baptized at that same young age. And now, today, we need to follow her example and the example of Christ’s servants in doing our part to help get the Gospel out to all nations, as then the end will come and Christ will return -- may God speed that day!! 


 Rod Sedliacik 

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