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Clayton Steep - Year Entered 1958

Clayton Steep

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02/01/15 12:16 PM #1    

Charlene Douglas (Mathe) (1960)

There are friends we have as we move along in life that, even though we part ways, we never stop thinking of them. Clayton is one of those friends. He will be surprised to find out how often I have thought of him over these fifty+ years! I expect there are others who remember his wit and spirit as a highlight of the Ambassador College era. What an irreplacable character, and joy to know!!

03/02/15 04:45 PM #2    

Robert Gentet (1957)

There are so many things I remember about my dear friend, Clayton.  Perhaps the most outstanding is that he is the one who found a wife for me!  I graduated from AC in 1962 and had, of course, "dated" many of the co-eds.  But, after graduation, I came to discover by one means or another that none of the gals I thought might be a future wife would be.  After graduation, Clayton, Don Schroeder and myself rented an apartment in order to share the rent.  One day, as I was sitting at the kitchen table eating my simple bachelor meal, Clayton comes home from work.  I told him my dilemma.  I asked him to suggest to me someone whom I had never dated before.  Clayton worked in the French Dept. and helped with first year French class.  The first words out of his mouth was something like this: "Well, there's this nice girl in my French class named Marjorie Eaton."  Nope, I'd never heard of her (she was a Freshman in '62 and this was now Feb. 1963).  So Clayton, Don and myself set up a trip to Lake Arrowhead (in the snow) the next weekend and I invited Marji.  We were engaged at the Senior dance and married the end of September, over 51 years ago!  Thanks, Clayton!  God used you to help out a frustrated graduate big time!     

03/03/15 11:11 AM #3    

Ron Goodwin (1958)

Good job Bob!  Clayton Steep was a good friend to many....I gladly add my name to his list of those who admired Clayton.

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