SMITH- Miquelyn Jean Smith (nee Tautfest) was born in Blackwell, Oklahoma on July 31, 1946. Those who knew her called her Mique (pronounced Mikey), but they may not have known that this was because her father, a farmer, expected her to be a son. As was common in the 1950s in rural America, Mique joined the 4-H club. This took her to the City of Chicago when she was only 16 which was quite an undertaking for a young woman of that day. Against expectations, when she was 18, she boarded a bus to Pasadena, California, and earned a four-year university degree. In the early sixties, when planes could not fly all the way across the Atlantic, Mique worked as a hostess on a private airplane, seeing Iceland, Greenland, England, and Gander, Nfld.
These adventures always returned her to California, where Mique met her husband of over 50 years, Doug Smith. Together, they raised three children Sandi, Shelley, and Christopher (aka Bob), who are married to David Murray, David Coles, and Alicia (nee Thomson), respectively. Mique is survived by two granddaughters, Kiran and Hailey, who miss her terribly. Mique was a determined, honest, and hardworking wife and mother. She worked both inside and outside the home to make sure her family had the best life she could give. She was committed to her family and her faith. This was not an easy path for her. Mique slowly lost her hearing over the course of 30 years. Soon after receiving the cochlear implant that was expected to allow her to again enjoy the sound of her family's laughter at the dinner table, which she made sure was perfect for each holiday, birthday and Christmas, she suffered a devastating stroke in late 2016. She fought hard to come back home and to walk again, talk again, and regain all that was taken from her. This was a fight that took so much from her that when she went into hospital on June 16, 2020, she did not have the strength to survive this last hardship. Her passing was gentle and quiet and in the presence of her husband and children who know she has now found the peace she has always deserved. There remains the overwhelming sadness of her loss, but there is the calm that comes with the understanding she is no longer suffering. Arrangements entrusted to the DAVIDSON FUNERAL HOME, 135 Clarence Street, Port Colborne. Online guest register and condolences are available at