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Margaret Taylor (Kiepke) - Year Entered 1970

Margaret Taylor (Kiepke)

From Michael Rucker-Wilhite (formerly David Michael Taylor):

Deceased Classmate: Margaret Taylor
Date Of Birth: 10-18-1953
Date Deceased: 11-1998
Age at Death: 45
Cause of Death: Cancer
Classmate City: Big Sandy
Classmate State: TX
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No 
Survived By: Les Kiepke, husband; Stephen Kiepke, son; Katie Kiepke, daughter; Michael Rucker-Wilhite, brother

She was dearly loved in East Texas. Her funeral was standing room only. 






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Gaie Feuerstein (Smith) (1970)

"Margie" was one of my very best friends at AC Pasadena.  She was from Texas.  She played the piano beautifully by ear and was chubby and redheaded with millions of freckles, a sharp nose and a wicked sense of humor.  In our silly freshman days ( or were we sophomores??) I remember we were chasing pigeons across beautiful dichondra lawns and practically ran smack dab into GTA.  Our "countenances fell" and we walked sedately away, cheeks burning!

Another prank was pretending to be 'demon-possessed' in the cafeteria.  Someone would say, "hi! how are you?" and we would answer, "Just FINE, thank you!  and then with a slighty unfocused look in our eyes, add, "me too!" and walk away snickering. 

We considered ourselves rather bad....that was pretty much before the days of 'drugs, sex and rock n roll' even though it was the early 70's.  The Age of Innocence.   ---gf

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