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Bruce Tepley


In Memory Bruce Frederick Tepley

It is with deep sadness that I report the death of my ex-husband, Bruce Frederick Tepley. Bruce started attending Ambassador College in Bricket Wood in the 1972-1973 college year and he transferred to the Pasadena Ambassador campus when the Bricket Wood campus closed. He graduated from Ambassador College in 1975. A few years later he got his accredited Bachelor’s degree from UCLA.

Bruce had a great sense of humor and had a talent for writing. Bruce and I got married on September 12, 1976 and divorced on December 20, 1985. When we were married Bruce and I belonged to a bicycling club in the Pasadena area, performed in the Vesolo Kolo Folk Dancing group and enjoyed hiking in the mountains. He graduated from the Colorado Outward Bound Mountaineering Course when he was a teenager.  I admired Bruce’s ability to come up with creative solutions to problems. When we didn’t have a car and bought a trash can, his solution to the problem of how to get it home from the store was to get on his skateboard while I got on my bicycle. He held the trash can in one arm and held on to a bicycle chain with the other arm. The chain connected to my backpack. I rode the bike while he skateboarded. It looked funny, but it worked!

We left California and moved to the Denver Colorado area in November 1980 where Bruce got a job as a systems analyst. For fun we did more bicycling and hiked or skied in higher mountains. We got a divorce without having lawyers representing us and we remained friends after our divorce. After I moved to Mississippi with my new husband, Jon, I did not hear from Bruce again. I recently learned from two of Bruce’s cousins that Bruce worked with computers for years in Costa Mesa, California. Bruce was retired when he passed away in Costa Mesa, California at the age of 72 on April 28, 2023. The cause of his death was a cardiac event.

Bruce is preceded in death by his mother, father and brother and did not have children or a spouse at the time of his death.

Cathy Curran Tepley Swanson

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