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Diane Yoho (Bailey) - Year Entered 1966

Diane Yoho (Bailey)

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09/20/14 08:03 AM #1    

Dean Greer (1965)

Diane was a good friend at AC.  She had a wonderful sense of humor.  Don't know anything of her after we left AC.  Sorry to hear she passed away.

02/01/15 01:06 PM #2    

Charlene Douglas (Mathe) (1960)

Diane was my BGF in 5th grade, and then her family moved to a new community around 30 miles away. It took a special effort on the part of her parents and my parents to make visits possible once or twice a year after the move, but we stayed friends. I remember her mother had this strange requirement that we wash our feet before climbing into bed. I felt sorry for Diane that she had such strict parents--LOL! Actually, her parents were wonderful people. Diane was especially like her tall, black-haired father, Bill Yoho. 

Before I went to Ambassador College, we talked about my strange religion. We opened the Bible randomly and pointed blindly at verses that I asked Diane to read. I told her she would find them contradictory to conventional Christianity. Sure enough, we did this a half dozen times or  so; and Diane was puzzled and amazed. That was the last visit I actually had with Diane... around 1959!  I went to A.C. and she went to the University of Illinois at Carbondale. Then to my great shock and amazement, I heard that she made friends at Carbondale with future A.C. students and became an A.C. student years after I was long gone. 

In those days, it was much harder to be in touch with people. We were all absorbed in our own families and communities remote from each other. Only a common Feast site might bring us together. I only crossed paths with Diane and her husband, Fred, one time in all those years. It is so strange to be so out of touch with a close friend!! In today's era of skype, social media and free long distance calling, how different it would be!! I did search for Diane in later life. I can't remember how I got a lead to an email address that I tried; and one day I got a reply I will never forget-- it always resonates in my heart.  "It's me!!"  

Diane let me know that she and Fred were retired in Texas, and that her mother had recently moved in with them. Diane was worried about being able to take care of her mother. We had a few more emails and I lost touch again; only to learn to my shock that Diane had passed away!!!  Not too long after, Fred also passed away. I have searched without success for Diane's younger sister, Jill, to find out more. What became of mom?  What happened to Diane??  I never stop wondering! I regret not being there for my friend during these troubles, and carry in my heart the anticipation of a time when I will hear again that mischievous voice announce, "It's me!!" 


02/01/15 02:50 PM #3    

Ruth Mullay (1965)

Charlene, I went to AC with Diane and a couple of years after graduation she and I became roommates, along with Kathy Hoyt for about 2 years. Diane was helpful at my wedding (late 1972). I too lost track of Diane--until a year or so before her death. Talked to her on the phone--never let on she was ill. She told me she was very bad at communicating--didn't receive a response to my email. Then another friend emailed me and let me know Diane had passed--shock indeed. She was quite a character as an adult--enjoyed being her roommate if but for a short time.

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