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Jack Elliott - Year Entered 1952

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09/19/14 12:57 PM #1    

Cledice Decker (1959)

Written by Mrs. Anne Elliott, September 2014

 Jack Elliott and his wife Anne married and resided in Texas where he graduated from the University of Texas with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. They were  baptized  in April 1949 and the following June Mr. Armstrong asked Jack to become the Professor of Mathe­matics for the new Ambassador College.  He accepted and left his career as a petroleum engi­neer with Gulf Oil Company in Beaumont, Texas. From there they moved with their two little boys Stephen and Mark to begin a new life in Pasadena, California.     At the college he was busy teaching mathematics and other tasks. Seeing Mr. Armstrong struggling to give the student work crews directions while making the daily radio broadcast, writing the Plain Truth magazine, pastoring the local congregation, answering mail, and seeing to the development of the campus, Jack offered to also oversee the work crews and relieve Mr. A of that bother.  In time this led to his being designated head of Buildings and Grounds (later called the Physical Plant), He taught several classes as well, and was later to become the first Dean of Students, holding that office for seventeen years, while carrying out his other duties as well. In 1951 they a third son, John, was born     Around 1954 Mr. Elliott proposed to Mr. Armstrong that they instigate a new speech training class for student men along the lines of Toastmaster International clubs. That proposal was adopted and given the names Ambassador Club, and Spokesman's Club. The program proved to be immensely effective, training many men to be good speakers and capable sermon givers.  He also earned a Masters Degree in Theology from Ambassador College in 1958 which he trea­sured.    The Physical Plant Department grew to consist of over 200 men and women who saw to all the needs of the college campus ­­ engineering, architectural design, construction, landscaping, maintenance and janitorial care,.  Jack continued in that job until the college;s Master Plan was completed with the construction of Ambassador Auditorium in 1974, afterwards becoming its di­rector until his retirement in 1977.     Returning to East Texas in 1977 he served as assistant pastor of Shreveport, LA under Charles Bryce and was ordained to the ministry in 1982.  He served as an elder of UCG East Texas at Big Sandy until his death in 2011.    Mrs. Anne Elliott, now in her 86th year, also graduated from Ambassador College in 1967 and still lives in East Texas where she is active in the United Church of God at Big Sandy

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Sam Duncan (B S 1964)

Thanks for the post about Jack Elliott.  I knew he was a man of many talents but did not know how illustrious his life actually was. And of course, being a fellow Texan, it is easy to understand!  :)

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James Lichtenstein (1959)

When I was a young student at A.C. on several Holy Day luncheons held outside on the campus where the athletic field was build I was in line for lunch next to Mr. Elliott.  He was a gracious and inspiring person to get to know in this way.  Here I was, a kid, but you would never know from listening to how he would engage me in conversation.  And throughout the years later when we would talk it was still with the same courtesy and respect.  In my looking back over the years I believe he truly showed what a Godly man was like in his approach to others.

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Joan Goodchild (Elliott) (1962)

I remember Jack Elliott, and all of his very fine family, as being 'down to earth' and very kind and giving to all, as well as giving wonderful opportunities to students and others when he could.  I will always remember his positive influence on the lives of so many, me included.

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