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George Alphin - Year Entered 1971

May 26, 2021


George, age 76, died March 19, 2021 in Columbia, SC, after suffering for several years with Parkinson's disease. His minister in United Church of God was just recently able to confirmed the date of death.

I can't remember when I first met George but probably in the Data Processing Department in the early 70's where we both worked.  I worked in the department upstairs for a while and also downstairs in a room adjacent to the area where everyone came to pick up their printouts and where George was a Systems Programmer who worked nights in the computer room.

We always got along well and he was one sharp cookie!!  A fine mind, very kind and a really hard worker devoted to his job and the church.

I was very pleased when he called me just before the 2015 AC Pasadena Reunion and wanted to come.  Because of his health it didn't work out but we stayed in touch right up until a few weeks ago when he didn't answer his telephone or return my calls. His good friend, Dick Schwaab, had no definitive information either at that time.

He was always interested in hearing about his friends and coworkers and I was glad to talk with him about what was happening in Pasadena. 

Van Baker was kind enough to search for some information on the web and found the following:

"I came across this dissertation by George, given at Louisiana State University:

A New Testament Geography: Description, Perspectives, and Implications for the Field of Geography

It lists the schools he had attended (besides LSU) up to May, 2001

B.A., College of William and Mary, 1966
B.A., Ambassador College, 1978
M.T.S., Emory University, 1989
Ph.D., Baylor University, 1994

Very accomplished fellow!"


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