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David Dillingham - Year Entered 1968

David Dillingham

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02/04/15 02:25 PM #1    

Cledice Decker (1959)

From Robin Connelly:

Deceased Classmate: David Dillingham 1965
Date Of Birth: 
Date Deceased:  April 2008 
Age at Death: 
Cause of Death: Throat cancer
Classmate City: St George
Classmate State: UT
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: Yes Navy
Survived By: Bertha Wenger (Dillingham) also now deceased

I met Dave in the fall of 1968 -- he already had a MSEE from the University of Missouri, and knew how to program -- this was manifestly obvious when I attempted to teach him (among a group of incoming programmer trainees). In his very modest way, he was able to correct some of my most egregious errors in the classes. As it worked out, he and I were also dorm mates ( one of the 360 apartments ). When I graduated in the spring of 1965, Dave accepted full time employment and we agreed to share an apartment -- so we could save some money! I continued to learn from Dave until I was no longer needed at the computer center in 1976 -- but we remained friends. After his retirement and move to Utah, our communication diminished but I always had in the back of my mind that he and Bertha would be joined on a ski run in Utah with Arline and me -- it was a point in our correspondence -- Next year on the Wasatch! 


03/22/15 07:51 AM #2    

Steve Frandsen (1975)

I had Dave for PL1 about 1976. He was very sharp! I was so concerned about my calculations being proper in my final program that I left off the pennies on the output display. He took off 10 points which taught me about details and checking my work. I have had a 34 IT related career in part because of Dave's help. I could hold no candle to his skills even to this day but it made for a good living. Thanks to Dave and condolences to his family.

04/14/15 04:31 AM #3    

Stuart Foster (1968)

Dave was a good friend who literally took me under his wing.

As a green transfer student from Bricket Wood, working part-time in DPC, he took me up in a Piper Cherokee and also a Cessna to view the local scenery. We flew over AC Pasadena, the Queen Mary, Long Beach, and another time over Squaw Valley.

On one occasion, whilst descending into Burbank Airport, the air traffic controller couldn’t hear us. Dave clicked the radio on and off over given landmarks and control tower guided us in safely. Dave & I then raced back to campus down the freeway hurtled up to Grove Terrace TV lounge just in time to watch Neil Armstrong take his “small step for man…”

A great memory - a sad loss.

04/16/15 03:11 PM #4    

Jim Roberts (1967)

Can't resist making personal comments about my late friend Dave Dillingham.  We were fellow Missourians, fellow AC students, and fellow employees of WCG.  When I was in Production Control and Dave was in Programming, we actually lived "through the wall" from one aanother on Holliston St. in Pasadena.  I remember how Dave unwound every day.  He sat and played his guitar and sang folksy songs.  I could hear him through the wall and actually looked forward to the soothing sound each day.  Maybe lots of folks never knew this about Dave because he never broadcast his varios talents. Humiilty was the character trait I recall most about Dave.  In 1991 was "kicked upstairs" to assume the role of IT Manager of CIS.  It was called the Information Center and I changed the name to USER (User Support & Educational Resources).  But this is not about that.  It's about Dave.  I had the privilege of having Dave as my supervisor during those years 1991-1994.  He supported me completely during those years of the LCP (LAN Consolidation Project).  Sparing the details, Dave recognized both my technical limits and my public relations skills and went to bat for me regularly.  The effort succeeded more because of Dave than any of the 25 of us in USER.  I hope any others who remember those years of transition will appreciate the details I can add about Dave that maybe nobody else can.  He was the finest human being I ever worked with and for, and his wife Bertha was a perfect  match and ski partner for him.  Looking forward to seeing you again, Dave.

With Honor,   JR     

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