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Benjamin Rea - Year Entered 1957

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John Elliott (1972)

When I was a boy my family would reguarly visit Dr. and Mrs. Rea at their home. He was a very kind man full of humor, but studious with a serious side as well. His personality didn't necessarily sync with noisy little boys playing in his house, so we spent a lot of time outdoors while the adults talked in the living room. I remember him and his wife very fondly in the days before they were sent overseas after which we rarely saw them.

One memorable 1950's visit at his home occured on a hot summer day. After running around outside and being very, very thirsty, I approached the adults sitting in the living room and stood next to my mother Anne Elliott. The four adults each had a narrow frosted glass with icy "water." Wow, what a wonderful sight for a thirsty little boy! I asked Mom if I could have a sip and she approved. (Seemed like everyone was watching me.) I took a gulp from that beautiful cold frosty water glass and...and choked!  They laughed and informed me that the contents was a "gin collins."  A big glass of water afterwards tasted much better (at that age). 

Dr. Rae came to Ambassador with previous education and was hired as a Spanish teacher. He then studied in Mexico and obtained a Masters and later a PhD. He translated many of our publications into Spanish and did the Spanish broadcast. In 1960 he was sent to England to found the Ambassador College Bricket Wood campus where he became Dean of Faculty and professor of Spanish and International Relations, while also  pastoring the Birmingham congregation. Sadly, in 1965 a heart conditon resulted in his sudden and unexpected death. Four years later I became a Freshman at the Bricket Wood campus and visited his grave there.

Dr. Rae always had a big welcoming smile.  I wish the Rae's were still around as they were a lovely couple and good friends of my parents. 

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