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Dennis Pebworth - Year Entered 1958

Dennis Pebworth

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01/25/15 01:20 PM #1    

Charlene Douglas (Mathe) (1960)

I will never forget the opening night of my first Feast of Tabernacles in Big Sandy (1959) . As I walked into a vast sea of strangers, Dennis Pebworth was at the piano, his powerful music stirring road-weary pilgrims to excitement and expectation. After awhile, I couldn't imagine a Feast without Dennis' music!  Something else I remember is that it seems like Dennis always had a smile on his face.


01/26/15 09:31 AM #2    

Dean Smith (1964)

Dennis was my Spanish instructor in 1966. I was not keeping up in class as well as I should have, and one day as I headed to my dorm he was driving by,stopped his car, and smiling he asked kindly, "Va a su casa para estudiar?"

01/26/15 06:06 PM #3    

Ron Goodwin (1958)

Dennis was a great guy and very talented. Thanks to him I started a life long love of jazz!.

01/27/15 07:44 AM #4    

Janet Barnett (Freibergs) (1959)

Dennis Pebworth played piano as if he were born doing it.  I remember our discussing a rhythm called "business man's bounce."  (Not a technique used for accompanying hymns!)    Didn't he also play trombone?  Such talent, musicality. -- And spoke Spanish really well. I enjoyed so much working with him in the Spanish department in England. 



01/27/15 05:23 PM #5    

Ron Goodwin (1958)

Dennis played trombone and bass and could imitate all the styles of popular pianists....

01/28/15 01:25 AM #6    

John D. Schroeder (1958)

We 1958 entrants called him Denny. He was either a roommate or housemate in that old place where they built the men's dorms later. He and Duane Cooper were busy with the Spanish Dept. then. I have a book in my piano bench called "Keyboard Harmony and Improvisation" by M. Lieberman. Denny recommended it; he'd spent countless hours pounding out every note in books 1 & 2 of the set. I sang with his dance band a time or two. Great memories. Years later his son came to AC, another Pebworth generation. His beautiful wife worked in Fine Arts Reception. But now I hear the whole Academic Center is going to condos. They say nothing is forever. Pretty sure that's wrong. Look forward to seeing Denny again, and singing with his band if I make the cut next time around.

03/07/15 01:36 PM #7    

Ruth Mullay (1965)

I had the privilege of working with Dennis (and Duane Cooper) in the Spanish Dept from 1966-1973. I babysat for his son as well. Later, in the 80's, Dennis joined the court reporting company where I was employed since 1976. Dennis had gone to school (stenotyping) for court reporters; however, I told him about my company which tape recorded hearings so he joined us for several years. I also had Dennis at my home one year during the winter holidays for a party, where I talked him into playing the piano--even though my piano was slightly out of tune, he was fabulous. I attended his funeral (of course) where I met his grown son (and reminded him that I used to change his diapers--just couldn't resist). Dennis Pebworth was indeed an extremely talented and unique individual.

08/01/15 07:27 PM #8    

Mike Feazell (1969)

Dennis taught me Spanish for four years. He was fun, thoughtful, considerate, very intelligent, wise and hardworking. And amazingly patient with his students.

05/15/20 05:38 PM #9    

Robert Fenstermacher (1967)

Dennis Pebworth was a thoughtful and kind teacher and talented man.   He and Duane Cooper were both passionate about the Spanish work and teaching some of his less than talented students to learn Spanish to help evangelize central and south America. 

That would be me. I realized the ministry wasn't for me-in the US or anywhere for that matter.

I will always appreciate the man for his enthusiasm and willingness to think outside the strict confines of the accepted WCG philosophy.  We briefly discussed the Inca outpost known as Machu Pichu, saw photographs and wondered how the "primitive natives could erect such monoliths on mountain tops.

I wouldn't be able to see Machu Pichu until 2008 but the wait was worth it.  

Dennis and Duane were right.  It's an intriguing place.

Bob Fenstermacher  Class of "71

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