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Howard Clark

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08/06/14 09:00 AM #1    

C. Gary Reid (1964)

** This is an e-mail I sent to Cledice Decker around the end of May/2013.**

** I am posting this on August 6, 2014**

I believe Mrs Clark passed away on or very close to May 25.

She was in a rest home in San Diego close to her daughter Erin [Cullen].  All of the family made it down to see their mother on the weekend.

We saw and talked to Erin and Bryan at GREAT length about Howard A.[Arlington] Clark and Beverly Clark on the 26th of May, 2013

A truly great man and woman. 

Beverly had fallen several times in the last little while -- one of the falls required stitches.  She also developed cancer in the last year of her life --but she did not know.

Beverly was 82.  Howard died 10 years ago at the age of 72.

A quadraplegic who could only move the fingers from one hand in an accident during the Korean War.  He was given 6 months to live but lived another 50 years to have a profound impact on so many
people.  Bob Gerringer played handball with him.  I played racquetball with him several times.

Howard never told people that they should believe this or that .. his preaching was to find out your own path and find your truth.

It was not "his way or the highway" as some have preached.

Personally I can say that I have tried to conduct my life in that regard -- thanks to my good friend and "father", Howard Clark.

I believe that one of the major reasons I came to Ambassador College was to meet Howard and continue to have a relationship with him until he died in 2002.  I miss him and his wonderful wife.

Gary Reid
Stouffville ONTARIO

08/07/14 05:55 PM #2    

Milo Wilcox (1961)

Howard had a very positive impact on my life. He was a great inspiration. It is with sadness that I have learned about the passing of his dedicated and devoted wife. Milo Wilcox

08/18/14 12:41 AM #3    

Gail W. Roberts (1964)

My life would never have turned out as well as it has without Howard Clark's help. If he had not ridden my ass in speech class and ambassador club I would not be the person I am today. At the time it was painful but he did so much to help me. I remember him telling me I could run around on the basketball court in what was about the same as my underwear, but I could not give a speech in front of 15 to 20 classmates. If he had not cared enough about me to make me a better person I would not have had such a good life. All I can say is thank you Howard Clark!

Gail Roberts

08/18/14 01:21 PM #4    

Albert Portune (1956)

Howard was the most genuine human being I ever knew. I can still see him on one of our hunting trips with Ted Armstrong, Les Mc Cullough and me high up on a mountain trudging along under a load of gear he brought to cook some of the most delicious food one can imagine. I remember the day at the old Shakespere Club where we had services in the early days when he "walked again." He was a living miracle, a treasured friend and brother and an example of a real man and Christian. 

Al Portune

08/20/14 11:53 AM #5    

Barry C. Chase (1965)

Mr. Clark visited me in Dallas, winter of 1974.  It's a long time ago and we discussed many things, but one really stands out in my memory.  HWA had spoken many times about some unnamed person who had come to him after the tragic death of his son Richard.  This innamed person supposedly told HWA,  Fear not, Mr. Armstrong, I'm here to take Richard's place.

Of course HWA was insensed, Vesuvius style.

Mr. Clark told the story in a materially different way.  He, Howard Clark, was the man who'd spoken to HWA after Richard Armstrong's death, except his words carried a vastly different message.  He'd simply told HWA this: Mr. Armstrong, if there's any way I can help just let me know.

Howard Clark was a true saint, in the fullest sense of the word.

01/05/15 07:39 AM #6    

Harry X. Eisenberg (1966)

When I think about Howard Clark & my time at A.C., I must say it was a real 

JOY to know him. Now that man was happy and TRULY ALIVE!

I miss him!

All the best to everyone here!

With my warmest regards,

Harry Eisenberg

01/05/15 08:07 AM #7    

Harry X. Eisenberg (1966)

All that I can say is,

Thanks to Howard Clark &

faculty members like him, ALL of

my days at A. C. were truly happy ones!

All the best to everyone here!

With my warmest regards,

Harry Eisenberg

To me, Howard was a man who was truly


He had what the French call a real

"joie de vivre!"

03/09/15 12:50 PM #8    

Steve Frandsen (1975)

I'm not sure that this story is true but if I have no reason to doubt it. Mr Clark spoke at a combined Hamilton/Kitchener, Ontario feast day in, let's say 1974. It was an uplifting, inspiring and positive sermon after a 2 hour morning sermon and the pot luck lunch. My eyes MAY have been droopy. Anyway, his was a great sermon and it was mentioned next Sabbath, and the pastor added "Did you know that Howard Clark has a splitting headache 24 hours a day?"  None of us knew and I don't know if he really did but it sure hit home as I recalled my nodding off the week before. I pass on my condolences to his surviving family and friends.  

08/20/15 05:31 PM #9    

John Kerley (1966)

I remember Howard for his generosity, for when I came to AC in January 1966, I was in his speech class. He took my wife and two sons out to dinner at a restaurant in Pasadena in 1966 or 1967.  Howard sat in a large chair at the end of the table and had a lively discussion with Evelyn and I.  He told us that Herbert W. Armstrong had taken he and Beverly out to dinned at the same restaurant, and had sat in the same chair that he was sitting in. That was impressive to a new student. Later in 1980 Howard called me at my home in El Toro, CA and wanted to know how I was doing.  I later wrote him a letter, but didn't hear from him again, and later learned in about 2005 that he had died.

Howard told me that he thought that George Ritter and I may be the two witnesses of Revelation 11, as George and I had both graduated from the US Naval Academy in June 1961. And both of us entered AC, I in January 1966 and George in the spring of 1966, after resigning from the Navy.  Of course it never happened. But that shows you how Howard was always thinking!

Howard also told me in 1967 after an Ambassador Club one evening, which I was in, that he had been a Marine in the Chosin Reservoir. I checked up on that battle in the Korean War (wikipedia). It puts Howard there on 27 November 1950 when the Chinese Army surrounded Chosin, with the battle continuing in North Korea into December 1950. Only a few soldiers managed to get out of the reservoir alive and return south to the 38th parallel. Howard was hit with a grenade that damaged his spine, making him a quadriplegic, confined to a wheel chair for 8 years. He was only able to move a little finger. (He married his nurse, Beverly, who had been assigned by the military to care for him.)

In 1958 Howard was anointed by Pastor Richard David Armstrong in Pasadena, CA. Howard got up and walked away from his wheel chair, healed about 95%, for he walked with a limp. A little while after that in 1958, Richard Armstrong was in a car wreck in Central California, and Howard went up to visit Richard in a hospital before Richard died. Then in 1959 Howard entered AC Pasadena, and later graduated in 1963. Howard was receiving 100% disability payments from the government. He wrote them to discontinue the payments. But they refused, saying that it was impossible for Howard to be walking. God still heals those who call on Him.

John Kerley

Newport, Tennessee

08/20/15 11:10 PM #10    

Robert Petry (1959)

If anyone has seen the TV series the MENTALIST you should remember the French Citroen? car that he had. Well, Howard Clark had one of those. I don't remember why now, but one day we went somewhere in LA in his car. Man, did I like the smooth ride. Later, Arlene and I went to a dealer to see about buying one. Didn't work out, but I still remember and love the feel of that vehicle on the highway.

Howard Clark as most know was injured in combat and could not walk. A paraplegic. At some point before I went to AC he was anointed and prayed for for healing. Well, end result he was healed and could walk. Everyone knows that today. What they might not know is this.

One day I was talking about that with him and he said, Bob, somedays it is so bad I cant get out of bed without lots of prayer. And, the pain is bad. Yet, after the prayers I can struggle out of bed and walk, then it is OK for the day. Everyday is a struggle when I wake up. [These are the best I can remember after all these decades of what he said to me.]

Howard Clark was one of the LIVING PROOFS that the Creator exists. He healed Howard, but with conditions. He had to stay close to his Father in heaven, very close, he got no freebies. I truly miss the man. He was an original, an inspiration, and a fighter!!!

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